Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the program selected and where you are located.

Do you just speak in Texas?

I am so excited to say that Hey Dude, Nice Shoes now presents nationwide!

Who funds your program?

It depends. Many times I am brought in by the district. Many times I am brought in by the campus and sometimes I am invited by a school supporting 501c3 like a PTA or PTO. I have also been funded by local companies who sponsor my program as a gift to a school.

Do you offer discounts?

YES! I am so happy to say that I do! If you partner with another school in your district, book back to back presentations and share a parent workshop I discount each school $200 and you will also get to share travel and accommodation costs!

Do you ever present for free?

I do! I offer four free or reduced priced workshops each year. Nominations for these awards open in July for the fall semester and November for the Spring semester. I announce details on my social media platforms as the date approaches.

How do I apply for the Hey Dude, Nice Shoes senior scholarship?

Scholarship applications open in January and are due by March 23 each year. Awards are announced in April.

Do you have any video or clips of your work?

I do not have an official video reel. Since I mainly speak to students in public schools, privacy laws and school rules prevent me from filming them at school. While not the same as seeing me in front of a live audience, I do have a few sample clips of my virtual presentations.

Can we record your workshop?

I ask that the entirety of my workshop not be recorded as to protect my intellectual property. I do allow pictures and if prior permission is granted I will allow short clips to be recorded.

How do we bring your program to our school?

I suggest asking your admin, counselors or PTA if the program can be brought to your campus.


Please contact for information about bringing "Hey Dude, Nice Shoes" to your campus.

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