“Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” Standard Campus Workshop- This workshop consists of up to three in person student presentations at one campus during the school day and one parent presentation that evening. Programming available for elementary, middle and high school. Elementary programming includes both a lower school and an upper school workshop. The lower school workshop is 30 minutes. All other student workshops are 45 minutes. The parent workshop is always included should you wish to host it. The parent workshop is 70 minutes long.

Hey Dude, Nice Shoes

“Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” Standard Campus Virtual Workshop- This workshop consists of up to two versions of the student presentation to be presented virtually during one school day and one parent presentation to be presented virtually that evening. Student presentations are pre-recorded, and parent presentations can be live via a video conferencing app of your choice or prerecorded.

“Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” MINI BREAKS Workshop- This virtual workshop consists of either four or five 15-20 minute prerecorded mini workshops to each be presented once a day in the classroom and sprinkled throughout the school week. Kindergarten through second grade have four days of Mini Breaks and 3rd grade to 12th grade have 5 days of Mini Breaks.

Hey Dude, Nice Shoes

Custom workshops and district wide programming also available!

Optional add on programming:

  • “Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” Town Hall- This add on workshop consists of a student led townhall and is to be delivered in person following a “Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” standard campus workshop, the day after a “Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” workshop, or on the last day of the Mini Breaks virtual workshop. Students will turn in proposed questions to their teachers and the teachers will select the student questions to be asked. This town hall time can vary but is usually 30 to 45 minutes.

  • “Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” Professional Development Training- This add on workshop addresses how educators can help define behaviors in the classroom, open communication with families and make their campus and kinder and softer place to be. This workshop can be stand alone or added on the day of a standard campus workshop.

  • “Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” parent workshop- This workshop is a 90-minute workshop for parents and caregivers. It is included with all in person student workshops and can be purchased as a stand-alone workshop.

  • “Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” The Kind Class- This add on workshop is designed to be presented after a “Hey Dude, Nice Shoes” workshop. It is designed to be presented to small student leadership groups to inspire them how to lead with kindness on campus.

Hey Dude, Nice Shoes


Please contact [email protected] for information about bringing "Hey Dude, Nice Shoes" to your campus.

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