At the high school level, it is often difficult to find positive, meaningful, and engaging presentations for students. ‘Hey Dude, Nice Shoes’ fits that bill. You could hear a pin drop in our auditorium as Carolyn effortlessly related to students with her own stories of bullying, both as a child and as a mother. The advice she offered was helpful and realistic. There was laughter, there were tears, and by the end of it our study body was excitedly signing our No Place for Hate banner and calling the presentation the ‘best one they have EVER been to’. The connection she is able to make with students is deep and authentic. The follow-up parent presentation was just as impactful. In fact, we have plans to bring her back for an encore presentation next school year. Carolyn undoubtedly left a positive mark on our campus. Highly recommended!!

Heather Arnold Stoner
Lago Vista High School Principal

Hey Dude, Nice Shoes is not merely an anti-bullying initiative, it’s Pro-Kindness. Carolyn does a stand up job presenting a wealth of information in an amusing and completely relate-able way no matter which group or grade level she’s speaking with. Since visiting our school, students are now more aware of the power they hold with their words and through their actions and are becoming involved participants in creating a more pleasant and positive community in which to learn and grow. Us parents are no longer lumping all undesirable behavior into the “bully bucket” and we’re much more thoughtful about approaching Principals with documented issues or concerns thanks to Carolyn teaching us all about the super duper specific definition of bullying and the description of what public school teachers and admins can actually do about it according to the State of Texas.“

Lisa Holt
Parent from Allen ISD

If you are interested in bringing a current, humorous, informative, and engaging presentation regarding bullying, “Hey Dude Nice Shoes” is an excellent choice. Carolyn Brown facilitated this presentation for 300+ 6th, 300+ 7th, and 300+ 8th grade students. As we know, 6th grade and 8th grade middle school students are very different. They are in completely different places in their social emotional development. HDNS impacted both groups equally. During the course of the presentation they listened quietly and engaged with Mrs. Brown through their nonverbal responses. I was amazed how she captivated all 3 groups. Her message and story was easy to relate to for all kids regardless of their backgrounds. Her passion and heart for anti-bullying was evident through her carefully placed dialogue, dramatic pauses, and aligned visuals. We often provide our students with “guest speakers” but how often does that speaker’s message resonate after they speak? For weeks and months later students referenced her presentation. As a campus it laid a great foundation for us to kick off antibullying month with supporting activities. If you want your kids to be exposed to an enjoyable and meaningful presentation on bullying, book “Hey Dude Nice Shoes.”

Jonathan Smith
Principal, Round Rock ISD

In the spring of 2019 one of our PTA members approached me and said that we HAVE to have Carolyn Brown with "Hey Dude, Nice Shoes" speak to our kids at Shady Brook. I then had the opportunity to hear her speak at the PTA Launch Conference and knew that our PTA was right. Our students, staff and families needed to hear her message. We were fortunate enough to have her come to our campus and we have been positively impacted every day since her visit. The lessons that she taught the students regarding the differences between being rude, mean or a bully has opened the door for many great conversations between students and staff about how we can be kind. Her staff presentation helps the staff look at this topic through a different lens. The parent presentation brings everyone together by sharing how to help parents be an advocate for their child and work in a partnership with the school to help the students through the situation. All in all, it all comes down to kindness! Mrs. Brown expertly works with all stakeholders to spread the message about kindness. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow as an entire campus with Mrs. Brown. She said, "Yes" to come speak at Shady Brook and she is changing the world.

Shannon Gauntt
Principal, Shady Brook Elementary


Please contact [email protected] for information about bringing "Hey Dude, Nice Shoes" to your campus.

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